Erotic story: Hot adventure at the Christmas party

Actually, she had no desire to go to her company’s Christmas party tonight. It was a cold Tuesday evening in December, the wind whipped around Kathrin’s ears and she wanted to stay on the sofa at home, snuggled up in a warm blanket. But in the end Kathrin got up and took the subway towards the city center. She hadn’t worked in the marketing department of this large company for a long time, which is why she didn’t know most of her colleagues.

When she entered the inn, the party was well underway. A long buffet was set up, there was roast, red cabbage and potato dumplings. The music boomed from the speakers and the atmosphere was exuberant. Kathrin made her way through the party guests until she saw a familiar face.

Her superior Michael waved her over joyfully. Kathrin found him extremely attractive, she already noticed his charismatic charisma and his trained body during the interview. But a man like Michael was definitely not single … And in general – something to do with his boss was not even imaginable for Kathrin. Nevertheless, she was happy about his greeting and came up to him with a smile. “Nice to see you, Kathrin!” He said in his deep, velvety voice, and seemed to mean it sincerely. “Do you like a glass of Prosecco?” Relieved, she took the glass and took a few sips. His stunning smile made her nervous, she needed to loosen up a bit. Michael offered her the seat next to her and Kathrin sat down.

There was a crackle in the air

Her bare legs flashed through the slit of her simple but skin-tight dress. She saw Michael’s gaze rested briefly on her thighs before he turned back to her face and smiled slyly at her. “Are you completely unaccompanied?” Heard Kathrin wondering. The little bit of Prosecco had already solved her embarrassment a bit, after all she drank alcohol so rarely. “That’s exactly how it looks,” Michael revealed with a wink, “my ex-wife and I prefer separate leisure activities.” That immediately put Kathrin a satisfied smile on her face. Even if she didn’t know why she was happy at all. He was her boss after all! And yet … there was this chemistry between the two of them, a crackle in the air. In his eyes Kathrin discovered something that she had missed for a long time: desire. And she too felt it rise up. Kathrin looked at Michael in his slim-fitting shirt – elegant and sexy. His biceps clearly showed through this. She would love to stroke it …

As if Michael had read her mind, his hand was suddenly on her knee. A warm shower shot through Kathrin’s body. It was electrified. Should she respond? The temptation for an unreasonable adventure was suddenly huge. Her last sex was months ago. She felt a tingling sensation in her stomach. She looked up slowly, looking straight into his green eyes. He held her gaze, it was as if sparks were flying. Her heart was racing, her hands were wet. The craving in Kathrin’s body became overwhelming. She had to have it – here, today, now!

Michael’s hand moved inconspicuously up her thigh under the table. Slowly his fingers worked their way towards the inside. Kathrin let out a comforting sigh and closed her eyes for a moment. Michael devoured her body with his eyes. Kathrin’s breasts emerged under the dress, her nipples rose with excitement. Michael could no longer resist: “Come with me,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear. She saw his pants bulge in the crotch and had no doubt.

His lips were full of desire

They escaped the celebrating crowd and ran down the long, empty corridor. It couldn’t go fast enough! Michael shook a door and was lucky: it wasn’t locked. Kathrin’s eyes had to get used to the semi-darkness – they had landed in the wine chamber of the inn. Finally alone!

The atmosphere was bursting, Kathrin became dizzy with desire. Michael grabbed her by the waist and pulled her energetically towards her. He took her face in both hands and kissed her passionately. His lips were full of desire, his tongue found its way into Kathrin’s mouth. She fiercely returned his kiss, pressed her body against his. His hands slid along her, explored her curves, stayed on her bottom. He gripped with pleasure and pressed his abdomen firmly against hers. Kathrin felt his hard member and a wave of desire blazed inside her. She put her hand between them and started massaging his stiff through his pants. Michael groaned with pleasure, detached himself from Kathrin and looked at her. “You are so incredibly sexy! Since I saw you for the first time, I want you! “, He gasped and took off her dress in one go. It was cool, but Kathrin didn’t feel any of it. The heat that burned in her lap made her feel nothing else. Michael grabbed her excitedly and laid her back on the table beside. He leaned over her and started caressing her nipples, playing around with his tongue, sucking on them. As he went deeper, Kathrin trembled with excitement, wetness spread between her labia. Michael started to spoil her clitoris with his lips. Kathrin reared up, stretched out her abdomen to him. She had to pull herself together so as not to cry out in pleasure. She felt her head for the climax as Michael picked up the pace. The fire blazed on the highest flame. When she came, real fireworks exploded inside her. Her whole body trembled, her muscles twitched and her redeeming groan echoed through the room. She had never had an orgasm like this …

Michael could hardly stand it now – naked greed blazed in his eyes. He finally freed his hard penis from his pants to penetrate Kathrin’s wet crevice. Slowly he slid into her, stimulating her vagina with every bit. She took him up passionately, Michael burned with pleasure. He took her with violent blows, becoming faster and more uninhibited. Kathrin covered his strong body with her legs, which only excited him even more. Lustful moans escaped him as he picked up the pace again. Kathrin felt his member pulsate as his juice spurted out of him.

Exhausted, he sank onto her bare body. They both smiled and enjoyed the moment before getting dressed and returning to the party as if nothing had happened.