Erotic story: “A husband for Britta”

«… and therefore I declare the marriage divorced!» the white-haired judge had announced in his black robe to complement with a resigned look over the rim of the sparkling glasses: “Which I particularly regret given the sympathetic impression that both opponents have on me. The meeting is closed! » Is the last word really spoken?

God, how long ago was that! Gerd divorced almost a year ago. Britta sighed softly and poured herself another cup of coffee. Then she leafed through the magazine again, bored. Maybe she found a post after all that she didn’t know. The lonely Sundays were really monotonous, too. What could the other single women do on those endless afternoons?

Britta lit a cigarette and put her slender legs up. Did Gerd have a new girlfriend? Certainly. Or was he married again? At least he was certainly not lacking in opportunities. It was the darn seventh year, Britta thought. We probably got married far too early. At 19, very few girls are ready for marriage.

She remembered Gerd without resentment. The ugly scenes had long since faded in their thoughts because the pleasant reminiscences predominated.

Britta knew today that she shouldn’t have taken Gerd’s mistake so seriously. After all, it had been his first slip, and Gerd certainly hadn’t just played the repentant sinner. As a woman you had to be able to forgive once.

Never mind. Away with wistful thoughts! Just don’t look back! The future was still hers. At half past six Heino, the department manager for cancellation and statistics, was waiting for them in the Wagenknecht café. God, she’d only vaguely and non-bindingly agreed. But why shouldn’t she go there? It was still more entertaining than staring at the screen at home.

Britta got up and went into the bathroom. She looked critically at her even face in the mirror.

No, she found nothing to complain about. She looked in vain for the first wrinkles or a disappointed expression that was beginning to dig into her. No, she still looked exceptionally pretty. And actually it was no wonder.

Sighing softly, she began to put on makeup. It did not last long. Eyeshadow, the eyebrows, a hint of blush on the cheeks, she didn’t need more, but this procedure would have been unnecessary. But at least a woman wants to have the feeling of being looked after. Incidentally, a little makeup had never hurt a girl. Definitely not. Britta entered the elegant Wagenknecht café at exactly half past six. She wore high-heeled pumps that double her slim legs and an almost indecently low-cut dress.

Heino was already waiting. He rose from behind his tiny marble table, waved politely to her, and came to meet her with proud joy. Men like to adorn themselves with pretty women.

“You look dazzling again,” he breathed as he adjusted her chair. “Your sight makes me really dizzy in the crotch.”

“So?” She smiled amused. She liked Heino’s audacity. Because he stood out pleasantly from the other employees of the «Securitas Versicherung». She didn’t care much for colorless office workers. “Then you have probably already put together a program for tonight?”

“Certainly.” Heino ordered a pot of coffee and a piece of Black Forest cherry cake for Britta before he mysteriously explained: “We are going to your house!”

“To me? Who determines that? »

“Of course you!” He looked guilty. “But it would not be wrong. We could both get much closer to each other in human terms. After all, we’ve known each other for more than a year! »

She looked him in the eye. The corners of her mouth twisted mockingly. “So in plain language does that mean that you want to sleep with me?”

“Yes.” He nodded in amazement. A slight blush rose in his face. “You could call it that.”

“How else!” She lit a cigarette. «By the way, you’re lucky that I’ve been without a man for over a year! Otherwise you would probably bite your teeth at me! »

Heino beamed. He hadn’t imagined it that easy. After all, Britta was considered unapproachable and difficult to conquer.

“Then let’s not waste unnecessary time!” Britta urged. She enjoyed his amazement. He seemed to have lost all audacity.

Although Britta was curious about the events of the next few hours, she ate her cake first. Heino drank two double cognacs.

When they set out, it started to rain. Britta didn’t live far. Nevertheless, the cast soaked them both down to their bare skin.

Britta nestled very close to Heino. It was indescribably wonderful to feel the muscles of a man next to him again after half an eternity.

The first street lamps flared. The rain grew stronger. He pattered monotonously on the pavement.

When they got to their front door, Britta hesitated for a moment. She could still undo everything. So far nothing had happened. But then she gave herself a jerk. The course had long been set.

“Come over!” She led Heino into the apartment. With a steady hand she switched on the floor lamp in the living room. She put a bottle of brandy and an ashtray on the table.

“It’s nice here,” said Heino. What else should he say? Britta’s willingness was also too surprising, although he should have got used to it by now.

“Yes it works!” She disappeared into the bathroom. Before she closed the door behind her, she shouted casually: «You should undress quickly! Otherwise you will get a tangible cold in your wet clothes! »

He took off his suit and underwear without hesitation. Then, strangely, he lit a cigarette.

When Britta came back from the bathroom, they were both naked. With an awkward movement he pulled her to him and covered her face with kisses. The pressure of his body increased from second to second. Britta was so overwhelmed that she could not defend herself. And she didn’t want it at all. Suddenly he picked her up and carried her to the well-padded couch on the long wall. Carefully, he let her sink into the soft pillows.

Britta breathed violently. She had been without male tenderness for too long. Her full breasts trembled in anticipation of upcoming events. Her narrow nostrils trembled imperceptibly.

“Come over!” she urged uneasily when Heino did not immediately attack. Her knees pressed against each other impatiently. A sweet tickle ran through her veins.

However, Heino took his time. He enjoyed every second of the exciting foreplay and kissed her exciting body everywhere. No region was off limits to him. Britta’s smooth skin felt like tight velvet. Under heavenly showers she moaned over and over again. Now she finally spread her slim legs. She looked like an incarnate goddess of temptation. No man could have resisted their charms.

Heino suddenly knelt between her white thighs, which immediately clasped around his waist like a pair of pliers. Britta’s delicate heels drummed against his back.

The little rose bud at the zenith of her crotch had long opened as if under a mysterious spell.

Heino slowly entered the delicious love stamp. Slowly he conquered the warm fairy tale grotto, which greedily devoured him.

Britta closed her eyes with happiness. She had tilted her head back. The blood pulsed clearly visible under the thin skin of her neck. There was a roaring in her temples.

Heino now lay possessively on the hot-blooded playmate, who intercepted each of his wild movements with resilient counterparts. Demandingly, her open crotch pushed against his lap. The two bodies seemed to be inseparable. The young couple got going quickly. The love ride increased to an orgasmic gallop. Britta’s legs wrapped even more powerfully around Heino’s loins. The twitching bodies pressed ever closer together. The uncontrolled movements became faster and faster.

Britta’s lap had long since gotten wet. Silvery moisture glistened on the inside of her thighs, which spread out in impotent bliss.

The fiery girl’s big nipples had risen steeply. As sensitive as a seismograph, they reacted to the slightest touch.

Britta opened her eyelids a little. But her eyes were absent. He blazed towards the near orgasm that was beginning to announce itself.

The two bodies were found in an intoxicating rhythm. They swung ecstatically back and forth. A frenzy caught the uninhibited lovers and tore them away into a whirlpool of euphoric forgetfulness. With a sharp cry, Britta suddenly reached the peak of all sensations. She tried unsuccessfully to raise herself under the explosion of her feelings. Then Heino also lost control. All of the locks opened. It was as if he had to burn up in Britta’s arms. With overwhelming lust, his pent-up tension was released in a glowing fountain. The twitching subsided. One last liberating wave, then the wild movements ended.

The shiny, sweaty bodies stayed in motionless exhaustion before reluctantly separating from each other. The lungs were still panting breathlessly. “You can really drive a woman crazy!” Britta’s eyes were completely open again. Her gaze caressed Heino’s still defensive penis, which was only gradually sagging.

“But you also sharpened me quite a bit.” Heino lit another cigarette and let the smoke out through his nose. With his index finger, he traced the boundaries of Britta’s nipples. “It was magical with you!”

“Nonsense!” She blushed and waved quickly. «Hopefully I haven’t acted too clumsily. As you know, I’ve been quite out of practice for a year. »

“You don’t learn something like that,” he said emphatically.

She was still wondering whether the relationship with Heino could last when he got up and started getting dressed again.

“What is?” She watched him blankly.

“Nothing else.” He was already stuffing his shirt into his pants. “Tomorrow is another hard working day!”

“I thought you would stay with me today!” There was unmistakable disappointment in her voice.

“Better not!” He shook his head emphatically. “You would only draw wrong conclusions from it.” “Wrong conclusions?” You didn’t understand.

“As a department head, I could never afford a relationship with an employee from our company,” he said with relentlessly matter-of-factness. «A short pleasure for two in bed, there’s nothing wrong with that. But a full-blown Techtechmechtel, no, darling, that only harms my career and your reputation! I hope you understand me? »

“Yes. I understand.” Britta fought bravely against the rising tears. No, she was neither sad nor disappointed. She just felt exploited and offended. She was solely responsible for everything that had happened.

What a fool I was! She started to organize her thoughts. Heino had only been looking for an adventure that freed him from his pent-up tension. And you? No, an adventure alone was not enough for her. Suddenly she realized that she needed a man for life, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

Fortunately, Heino said goodbye quickly and painlessly. He did it as businesslike as he probably recommended in the cathouse after he had completed his love work.

Britta watched him with mixed feelings. But she didn’t regret the way things were going. With Heino she would never have been happy with her life. The unfeeling finale of his visit gave her an idea of ​​the selfishness he had to be.

For the next few days in the company, he acted as if nothing had ever happened between them. He behaved matter-of-factly and collegially, as you would expect from a department head. And Britta was even more grateful to him for that. Still, nothing changed from the fact that she was as alone as before and only one experience more.

Oddly, Heino had awakened her desire. The longing for physical fulfillment that Britta thought she had overcome for months had been rekindled. The sweet restlessness, which tickled especially between the legs, was felt very deliberately every day. Britta had had satisfaction at home several times with all sorts of well-known tricks. But there was no real salvation. Those who know the delights of love are no longer satisfied with half-piece work.

On Sunday afternoon, against all reason, Britta went to the Wagenknecht café, although she knew that it was a smooth parquet for single women. But she didn’t want to admit it, although she longed for an erotic collision deep in the subconscious.

With lascivious movement she sat down at a tiny table, ordered a cup of chocolate and casually leafed through a fashion magazine.

After a few minutes a well-groomed gentleman with gray temples stepped in front of her: «Forgive my presumptuousness …!»

She angrily folded up her long eyelashed eyelids and measured him from the top to the bottom. But he continued smiling unwaveringly: «I am a painter, my beautiful one. And I would be very happy if you could be my model! »

“Act?” She put the magazine aside.

“This would be my biggest wish.” The artist politely sat down next to Britta. He stroked decoratively through the white shimmering Goethe wreath, which gave his head majestic dignity. Then he handed Britta his business card. “By the way, my studio is right next door.”

Britta glanced at the business card and read: “Professor Wolf Gordon, painter, Mommsenstrasse 9.”

The cute waitress brought the chocolate. Britta stirred the cup thoughtfully. Interested, she asked: “When do you want to paint me?”

“I would love to start today!”

“Good.” Britta put the card in her handbag. “Would you like me to be with you in two hours?” “Wonderful!” The artist got up and beckoned to the waitress: “Write this adorable lady’s coal mine on my account!”

“Yes, Professor!” The lady in the white apron, whose oversized bow was tied behind like a box of chocolates, buckled like a buck. Britta smiled pensively as she watched the painter, who suddenly seemed in a hurry. And she was curious about her role as a nude model.

Two hours later she rang the bell at Wolf Gordon’s. The studio was on the sixth floor. It was spacious and elegant, although it only contained a huge queen bed and no less huge easel. There were numerous African wood carvings on the windowsill.

«I am glad that you actually came!» Gordon just wore sandals, a pair of washed-out jeans, and an open, formerly white coat. «Did you actually change your clothes again? That was superfluous. Because I’m painting you naked. But come on in first! »

Numerous completed and semi-finished pictures leaned against the walls. They proved that Gordon was an above average artist.

Britta looked around curiously. She felt inhibited. After all, she had never undressed before a strange man. At least not just to be painted.

“What’s your name?” Gordon placed an open canvas on the easel. Then, almost casually, he straightened the covers.


«Britta? Good. I will call you Katja. I call all my models Katja. I also do it. That relaxes the atmosphere. I Agree?”

Britta nodded.

«You can call me wolf. I’ll brew a pot of coffee while you take your clothes off. » He was busy in the tiny kitchenette. It did not last long.

When he returned with two cups and the jug, Britta was already lying on the bed naked. Because for nothing in the world would she have stood around like a left-wing virgin.

“You are very beautiful! And you have an adorable body! » Wolf put the dishes on the ground. Without worrying about the coffee, he started to touch the colors on his palette. “Incidentally, I paint you as a symbol of temptation if you understand what I mean.”

Britta didn’t understand. Still, she nodded. She stretched out in a pose of lascivious lust. «No, Katja! If I wanted to paint whores, I’d get a hooker! » He put the pallet down to direct Britta into an aesthetic pose. «I want to put a pretty woman on the screen that no man can resist. The enticing temptation. Maybe even a goddess like she has never been more beautiful. So you should be a goddess and not a slippery nymph. Got it?”

Britta began to understand. A barely noticeable shiver trickled through her veins when she asked, “So you think I’m beautiful?”

“Beautiful!” Gordon seemed happy with her attitude. He picked up the palette again and picked up a thin brush. “If I were only 20 years younger, I would fall madly in love with you.” “So?” Britta felt his scrutinizing look almost physically on the skin. In an indescribable way she was attracted to this sensitive artist with the wiry, slim figure.

“Certainly.” His hands tried with a sure stroke on the canvas against the contours of an angelic face with large, questioning fairytale eyes. All bliss in this world, all desires and all desires should be reflected in these eyes. He wanted to combine virtue and passion.

With a fleeting swing, Wolf even hinted at the outline of the immaculate body, which was as tempting as sin.

Britta didn’t interrupt him. She knew that she couldn’t distract him now.

Wolf worked with concentration and determination. Time went by for him before he put the brush down and took a few steps back.

“Now?” Britta leaned carefully on the wide bed. She found herself getting up and admiring the work of art that had begun.

Then Gordon took the canvas from the easel and smacked it against the wall.

“What on earth are you doing?” Britta tried to save the picture.

“It would only have been a do-it-yourself template for bachelors,” the painter growled angrily. «A very shallow sex ham without soul, without depth, without momentum. Nothing more than lustful eroticism! »