Butter during anal sex: runs like clockwork?

Is butter really a suitable alternative to lubricants for anal sex? Sex educator Anja Drews gets to the bottom of the myth.

Butter during anal sex: runs like clockwork?

In 1972 you could still shock TV viewers with sex scenes. It didn’t even need to be seen clearly. A pair of bare breasts was enough to put a film on the index or at least discredit the actress. Just think of Uschi Glas or Hildegard Knef. Back then, a free love life like that of Uschi Obermeier and her colleagues was reserved for only a small part of society. The rest continued to be stuck in the middle-class bedroom. At that time, it was still a long way from sexual openness as we know it today. Oral sex? Not to speak out! Anal sex? Not even imaginable!

The scandal film

And of course there were directors back then who wanted to provoke scandals. A prime example of such a film is The Last Tango of Paris. Back then banned in many countries and still declared as porn in some places, it may have secretly delighted millions of audiences, but also repelled them. The very young Maria Schneider enters into a sexual relationship with the aging Marlon Brando. Clear sex scenes, the relationship, the great age difference: each of these three points in itself a tremendous amount. But all three together ?! At that time ?! Phew! Scandal! But everything we are not allowed to do appeals to us all the more. A prohibited film with a strictly tabooed sexual practice at the time. And with a piece of butter in the leading role. More is not possible.

Everything in butter or what?

The last tango from Paris has gone down in the anals of film history. Speaking of anal: Even those who haven’t seen the whole film may know this one scene. This one scene

• Marlon Brando uses butter,

• spread them with his bare hands between his lover’s buttocks,

• to then ruthlessly bump into them.

As we know today, there was unfortunately not only sexual assault on the screen. But that’s not the point here. We only care about the butter here and now. Because the big question that millions of viewers have asked themselves since that scene is this: Is butter really a suitable lubricant for anal sex? Can the animal eroticism of the film scene be recreated with the Brando’s gesture of the butter grip? Let’s have a look.

Butter is healthy and even tastes good

Butter is a natural product. It is pure animal protein and therefore not harmful at first. On the contrary, you could use them as lubricants and then lick them off with pleasure. Perhaps you could even flavor them a little beforehand with lemon zest, sage or similar. But I can already see the faces. Licking butter ??? It’s fat and fat makes you fat! But that shouldn’t bother us at all. After all, we just burned a lot of calories! And when it comes to sex, we really shouldn’t think about nutrition tips. Because THAT is a lust killer. Not the butter. It even helps with chapped lips, dry skin and cracked hands.

Normal butter is unfortunately not a substitute for lubricants

As healthy as it is for our organism and our skin, butter is not suitable as a lubricant. Because it has one major disadvantage: it does not remain slippery if it gets too warm. At a certain point in time, the water and fat content separate. In addition, the consistency obviously also depends on the feed of the animals. You can try it yourself by rubbing a tiny piece of butter between your fingers. The consistency will dissolve very quickly and the butter will liquefy. A little longer and she loses her suppleness. This is when anal sex can get uncomfortable. Because from now on the butter is no longer slippery. On the contrary, it even acts as a brake.

But that wasn’t it. Butter, such as we have in the fridge, is not particularly suitable as a lubricant. Anyone who has tried anal sex can still use it. Because professionals can do everything. And after all, she is healthy. Reaching for butter is and remains an animal gesture. Maybe because we misuse a food, maybe because we have the wickedness of the film scene in mind. And when it gets uncomfortable, we wash them off and use the lubricant.